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Liturgical Readings Cycle C --  ASL Print
ASL Lectionary Collection
© Copyright 2018, ICDA #45 Portland/
Catholic Deaf Community, Portland, Oregon. All rights reserved.

ASL Cycle C Liturgical Reading Full Year (Click to download)

Cycle C was create in a book format.

Full Season Reading Sets - (Click to download sets)

Individual seasons were later created


Easter Season

Ordinary Time

All other seasons are included in the "Cycle C Full Year".

Collection of Liturgical Readings

by the ICDA of Catholic Deaf Community of Oregon

60 years of American Sign Language print conversion.

Dedicated to the many hands and eyes that helped to transcribe the Catholic Liturgical Readings into ASL print.


    These readings are transcriptions.  American Sign Language is a beautiful language for the Deaf Community, with a grammatical order different from English.  For many Deaf Catholics, reading the English Liturgical scripture  is difficult and especially when trying to read and sign at the same time.  


    Sometimes an English word has many sign options:  “rule” — a commandment or to-govern; or “before” — first then second, or in-front-of.   The ICDA of the Catholic Deaf Community of Oregon spent 30 years writing out the Liturgical Readings and Psalms to use the ASL sign that matched the correct English meaning, and to flip word order to match ASL grammar.  


    These readings are not a translation or an interpretation.  They are ASL print for reading the Liturgical Readings with ease; both in sign language and to provide Psalms for praying.  May these help us all to study and deepen our prayer life.  Thank you to all our transcribers.  


Glory to God in the highest!

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