COVID-19 ASL Masses

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Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church -- Lake Oswego

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Saturday                    5:00 pm             ASL Interpreted Mass                           Live 5:00 Saturday

                                                                Live Stream Mass                                        or view all week


Sunday                     10:30 am           Click link and choose "Sunday Mass"

1st  Friday                  8:30 am             Live ASL interpreted Mass                  

                                    9:30 am             Deaf Prayer Group and Adoration

St Peter Catholic Church -- Portland Oregon

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Sunday                      10:30 am           ASL Mass or Livestream                        




Are you already Catholic?   Come join the service organization for Catholic Deaf.  

Meet us at Masses or contact us at

Have you been busy and want to get involved again?  

We can find a church and bible study that fits your schedule and location.

Do you want to become Catholic?    New Catholics enter the church after RCIA classes.  

Together with other Deaf Catholics you can ask questions, deepen your faith, and join the Catholic Church at Easter.  Contact us at 

and we will help connect you to the closest Deaf Ministry,  

or other Deaf Catholic Members.

Parish Locations

San Alejandro Catholic Church, Cornelius

Spanish/ASL Masses offered once a month. English/ASL by request.  

+ + +

Our Lady of the Lake Parish, Lake Oswego

Interpreted Mass at evening Contemporary service.  Deaf Parishioners participate with the OLL community with Service Projects, Faith Formation classes, and ministry training events. Five Holy Days of Obligation are interpreted, see schedule.  

 + + +

St. Ignatius Jesuit Parish, SE Portland

Twice a month Interpreted Masses.  This Jesuit parish hosts the SEEL program, signup for participation.  Opportunities for Spiritual Direction with signing Spiritual Director.  Contemplative Mass interpreted quarterly.  Annual Novena signed.  Three Holy Days of Obligation are interpreted, see schedule.  


+ + +

St. John Apostle Catholic Church, Oregon City

Monthly Mass Interpreted during contemporary service.  Weekday Mass and Bible Study offered during Advent, and between Lent and Pentecost.  

Signed VBS upon request.  Faith in Action Deaf Team centered at SJA Parish.  Annual Fall Bible Study interpreted for Deaf community. Three Holy Days of Obligation are interpreted, see schedule.  

 + + +

St. Peter Catholic Church, SE Portland

Signing priest offers Mass with interpreter support.  Deaf participation in ASL Mass.   Spanish/ASL Mass offered monthly.

+ + +    

Springfield/Eugene -- Mass to be interpreted in Eugene or Springfield upon request.

Salem -- Queen of Peace Parish Mass to be interpreted in Salem/Monmoth/Dallas upon request.

Chestnut Lane Retirement Center, Gresham -- Communion service monthly for residents. Spiritual Direction and support provided by Deaf and Signing Catholic Deaf Community members.  

University of Portland, College Campus Ministry Mass available bi-weekly for college students. 





Serves the spiritual needs of members of the Catholic Deaf people.


Develops and supports lay leadership among the Deaf.


Provides information and resources for parishes with Deaf members.


Advocates for the Deaf within the Church and society.


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