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The mission of the ICDA is to support and encourage

the Deaf Catholic people in their faith lives. 


Our programs enable members of the Deaf community to develop and share their gifts. 

We work with the Deaf to encourage leadership within the Catholic community and beyond. 

At the basis of our ministry is a deep respect for Deaf people's language and culture.


Our Catholic faith is strong because we are a linguistic and culturally Catholic Deaf community.  

All of our community activities, faith instruction, and service projects are 

 in ASL.  Our activities and worship always reflect the needs of our

Deaf Culture and Community.  

We are Catholic.  We are Deaf.  

We are proud of our faith.  

Come join us. 


  We participate together in many different opportunities as a Catholic Deaf community: ASL Deaf focused workshops, retreats, Faith Formation,

and service projects.   

Each month we have Bible Study, Faith Formation activities, RCIA,

Teen/Young Adult Activities,

and Children's Outreach Programing.  

Come pray, serve, and learn with us.


We are active in our sacraments, studying the bible and our church teachings.


Christ is our example.  We copy Jesus' life and service others.  We feed the hungry, gather clothing and shoes for the homeless, and support those around the world in crisis.  

Come be with us as we serve those needing Christ's love.


We are Catholics.  What do we believe?

We believe in God.  We believe in Jesus Christ.  We believe in the Holy Spirit.  

This is the "Creed".  Creedo means, "I believe." 

Catholics around the world recite the Creed at every Mass.  We've passed this down from the early church and early Father's of our faith.  

This is Deacon Patrick signing our Catholic Creed. 

The Creed in ASL

To become Catholic . . . 

Catholics join the family of Christ through baptism.  To receive Eucharist (bread/body and wine/blood), Confession, or Confirmation, Catholics take classes to learn about their faith.  

Contact us to learn more.



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